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 Looking for the best virtual space? you are at the right place today I am sharing a list of the popular virtual space you can get on the internet. All the below apps are available on google play store and support maximum android devices. These apps are free to use and you don’t have to pay a bit to download them.

But few of them will ask you to pay for removing ads. I don’t think this should be included in terms of money? all right, you can check my list of top picks. These top virtual space can clone social media apps, games, and other private files. Few of these apps provide you more features than your own android device has. I can guarantee that you don’t have to search this topic again after reading this post.

What is virtual space?

A virtual space is an application that clones apps, games, and files in android device. These apps create a virtual space in the android device. That space is not coming from out of the world, they reserve some space for themselves so you can copy items or clone items easily. Virtual space comes with their own engine, they can run any application that is installed in your device. But for that you need to clone application.

Top Virtual Space for Android in 2021

Below there is a list of popular android virtual space. You can choose any of them and you will love that all of them has similar features. Some has lot’s of ads, but if we talk about their features then you will say ‘awesome’.

These top virtual space are available on Google Play Store and has about millions of downloads. I know that we are not looking at the downloads but that’s the reason why you should know about these apps. Our list has the best virtual space for android and we don’t hesitate to remove and add new one apps to this list.

1. Parallel Space

Best Virtual Space, Top Virtual Space, Best Dual Space, Virtual Space
NameParallel Space
Rating4.5 Stars

Parallel Space is one of the most popular virtual space out there. This virtual space can clone applications, games, and files within seconds. This app has about millions of downloads. People in day to day life didn’t find any bug or lag while using the parallel space. This app provides all the features that you need to know.

It’s capabilities to games, apps are good. This don’t make your device heat, if you playing games using dual space then you will see heat issues otherwise there is no problem with this app. This app is not the only one who comes with these features.

This app has its own reputation in this category of virtual space. Parallel Space app developed by the LBETech. This app is available on Google Play Store and you can download it. Parallel Space mainly used for social clones, this app allows you to clone any application but this app not built to cheat games using GameGuardian application.

2. Dual Space

Best Virtual Space, Top Virtual Space, Best Dual Space, Virtual Space,
NameDual Space
Rating4.3 Stars

This app is the first I saw on the android platform that allows you to clone applications. Dual Space has about millions of downloads and good ratings. The size of this virtual space is not so big and it helps the user to clone the application easily. This app is completely compatible with WhatsApp and any social networks.

Dual Space app is the only light virtual space application is out there in the market. This app is so light which is easy to use and didn’t require so much space on your device. Dual space is our second best virtual space which is free and available on Google Play Store. This app also provides a private safe which is quite good with the size of the application.

Dual Space is can clone games and you can also clone your files into this dual space. You can lock this app with a privacy password so no one can have access to it. Nowadays, privacy is really important and this application providing these features for the past few years. I like this and you will also like this application if your device is low-end, which means cannot run or provide the application so much space.

3. Super Clone

Best Virtual Space, Top Virtual Space, Best Dual Space, Virtual Space,
NameSuper Clone
CompatibilitySocial Apps, Yes
Ratings4.3 Stars

Super clone is the only application I found out there that supports an unlimited number of WhatsApp accounts. This app not allow you to clone the app once, but you can log in different accounts. There is no limitation of the accounts and you have to not use any other dual space to clone your WhatsApp again.

This is one of the top virtual space available on Google Play Store with such features. Basically, this app is only built to run social apps and it is fully compatible with the social apps. You don’t have to download any other dual space if you are using them to clone applications. This app also provides the privacy locker feature which is good. In our best virtual space list you will get the privacy locker in almost every app.

Super Clone also allows you to change application labels and icon colors, etc. You can make fun of this, only if you have time to do it. Super clone also supports the google login that is good and I like this feature. Because in a few dual spaces you will going to face this issue. You can fast switch the accounts that you recently used. So I would like to say that this is the third best or top virtual space for android.

4. 2Accounts

Best Virtual Space, Top Virtual Space, Best Dual Space, Virtual Space,
CompatibilitySocial Apps, Games Not
Ratings4.0 Stars

2Accounts is a recently launched parallel space app. This app allows you to run parallel environment. In few dual space you will find the data lost problem but with this dual space you will not going to face this issue. 2Accounts is easy to use and has similar features that we discussed earlier. I like the features that this app provides at that size.

It has a good rating on Google Play Store. And, you will get the updates instantly without any interference from both accounts. This dual space has a good UI and I like so much. 2Accounts and Multiple Space are the apps that are similar in UI/UX. Well, this app also has security lock and private safe. You can take advantage of these features.

This app also doesn’t support the android games. Well you can get the root access while using this app but it will not allow you to edit or change files. If you interested in using apps that you don’t want on homescreen then this app will going to help you. Features are not limited and I didn’t explore this app much but I like it and I thought this is a good dual or virtual space.

5. Multiple Accounts

Best Virtual Space, Top Virtual Space, Best Dual Space, Virtual Space,
NameMultiple Accounts
CompatibleGames, Most Apps
Ratings4.1 Ratings

Multiple Accounts is a good dual space that is good and it can be used as gaming virtual space also. This is on our top virtual space list and there are so many reasons for that. It has similar features as the above dual space or parallel space has. I want you to consider this app when you also want to use it as a gaming virtual space. I like this virtual space and its awesome UI/UX feels good while using the app.

You can add or clone apps using this app easily. This app also supports the root and you can clones dameon apps and take advantages of game cheats. Multiple Accounts is really a good gaming virtual space. If you are looking or searching for gaming virtual space then you can consider this app. We will also discuss about out best virtual space which is for gaming, I am talking about the Octopus.

This app won’t ask you for any permission that it won’t require. It is a good security based application and I am running this app from past 2 months and I didn’t count any problem. This app is compatible with most of the android apps and games. You can take advantages of the private safe and you can lock the app with built-in privacy protector. This is our fifth popular virtual space available for android device.

5. Octopus

Best Virtual Space, Top Virtual Space, Best Dual Space, Virtual Space,
RatingsBelow 4 stars

Well, this app is beyond virtual space. Because it provides so many features that you will not find in any of the above apps. Basically, this virtual space built to run games. You can take advantage of this app while playing android games. You can keymap the games and play with a mousepad or gamepad.

This virtual space supports almost every android games. Basically, this app won’t work with PUBG anymore or with Battle Royale games. But still, it runs games such as Mobile legends, Fortnite and other popular games without any third-party ban issue. I like the app interface and its UI/UX is best among all virtual space. It also allows you to signing in with Google accounts.

Octopus has built to run heavy games with less workload on the processor. Octopus is the best choice if you are looking for the best gaming virtual space. This is only the best virtual space you can get out there for gaming. You can download Octopus from Google Play Store. This app doesn’t have the ratings that it actually belongs to. Octopus is one of my best virtual space.

In terms of best virtual space this also provides different modes for games. Like smart casting mode for MOBA games and Shooting mode for FPS games. You can think that how many features that this virtual space has. I love this app and I also consider you if you interested in the gaming virtual space.

6. Clone App

Best Virtual Space, Top Virtual Space, Best Dual Space, Virtual Space,
NameClone App
CompatibleApps, Games
Ratings4.3 Stars

Are you facing problems with ads or ads are annoying you experience? then you can download Clone app that is ad-free. Yes, I got confused that why they don’t put ads but it’s good for user experience. Clone app is a good virtual space that you can consider. I really appreciate its features and colorful modes.

Clone app is highly customizable, you can customize privacy icon, app color to blue, gold, etc. Clone app has support for both x64bit and x32bit devices. Well, the bit support is provided by almost every best virtual space. This app also supports game and apps that are heavy. I found that sometimes this app crash when I try to load MOBA games but I think in future they will fix the issues.

It has good ratings and I want you to try this app. Well, this app features are almost killer in terms of customization. If you want a best dual space that doesn’t have ads, and fully customizable according to you then you can consider clone app. This app is the only one which is full customizable. You can try our best virtual space and you will understand that why these apps are important for you in daily life.

Final Words

I like the above virtual space alot and it becomes too hard to decide which one of clear winner. You can read about these apps and the review that I mention here is based on the true test. I like Octopus for gaming and Multiple accounts which can do all the work. These are the best virtual space available for android device. I will make a list for iOS apps also and they will be good as android one.
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